Unique to SFN: Martial Arts Team Building Session

Specialist Freight Network Members were treated to a sensationally unique ice-breaking event in Beijing, China. Click on the image below to watch a video showing aspects of the class here: 
With the advance warning, "no need to be fit, just ready to have fun ..." participants weren't too sure what to expect. Little did they know that they would be competing in knife defence relay events, strangling, kneeing and grabbing one another and doing a jump punch Mexican Wave!
The first thing to do, was to create team names. With such selections as 'Dragons,' 'Snake,' and 'GARLIC?!,' the game was on!
Kelly Bunyan, SFN Founder, used the skills required to be the Chief Instructor at KB Fitness Martial Arts Academy in London UK, to provide her Members with a unique team building session.
Kelly says, "At my other network, WFN, we have always had a football game to 'break the ice.' Considering I have almost 30 years of experience in the Martial Arts, I thought at SFN, we would tap into this fountain of knowledge. Members learnt some practical self-defence moves, at the same time as incorporating races and competition into the proceedings. The ultimate goal, to meet fellow Members in an informal, fun setting was achieved. There is a tremendous team spirit within SFN and this kind of event brings that to the fore."

One participant said, "Wow it was simply hilarious! Who knew that Kelly could bust all those moves?! Such a great mix of fun and practical self-defence moves. Really impressive. I actually exchanged business during the session too. I would never have thought that was possible. Great fun, I recommend the session and SFN, to all."

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