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APRIL 2024

02 Apr SFN Member in Egypt Renews Production Line with GSK

02 Apr SFN Member in Malaysia Gains Most Promising Award

02 Apr SFN Member in the UK Celebrates 18 Years

01 Apr SFN Members Do Business With Trust

01 Apr SFN ISO Alliance

01 Apr SFN Announces Partnership With Leading Industry Software CargoWise

MARCH 2024

14 Mar SFN Member in UK Complete Impressive Project in Wales

11 Mar SFN Member in Turkiye Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

09 Mar SFN Member in Egypt Ships Solar System Assembly Parts

04 Mar SFN Member in Israel Handles Oil Refineries Project Cargo

02 Mar SFN Member in Hong Kong Moves OOG Cargo to Brazil

01 Mar SFN Members Moving Wide Variety of Cargo

01 Mar SFN Member in Morocco Completes Two Project Shipments


27 Feb SFN Member in Spain Honoured with Award

26 Feb SFN Member in Lithuania Transports Boeing 737 Engine

14 Feb SFN Member in China Handles Special Shipments to South America

05 Feb SFN Member in Qatar Ships Aircraft Engines to Ireland and Luxembourg

01 Feb SFN Members Enjoy Consistent Business

01 Feb SFN Member in China Celebrates 10 Years with SFN


30 Jan SFN Press Release Published in DC Velocity

25 Jan SFN Featured in Supply Chain Xchange

16 Jan SFN Member in Thailand Completes Project Shipment

05 Jan SFN Member in Spain Awarded IATA Certification

02 Jan SFN Members Begin 2024 with Continued Business Exchanged


08 Dec SFN Member in Vietnam Moves 77,000 Lbs Crane

06 Dec SFN Member in Australia Achieves IATA Certification

04 Dec SFN Members End Year on High

04 Dec SFN Members in USA Announce New Service with Amazon

03 Dec SFN Member in Vietnam Complete OOG Project Shipments


29 Nov Final Zoom Social of 2023

01 Nov SFN Members Increase Mutual Business Prospects

01 Nov SFN Members in Thailand Visit Fellow Members in China

01 Nov SFN Members Break the Ice at Martial Arts Team Building


05 Oct Member Interview: World Ocean Cargo Iberica, Spain

01 Oct SFN Members Enjoy Mutual Business Prospects

01 Oct SFN Member in Jordan Celebrates 10th Anniversary

01 Oct Success and Tequila Shots at the SFN Meeting


19 Sep SFN Zoom Social Connects Members

06 Sep SFN Member in Malaysia Ships Speciality Chemicals

04 Sep Member Interview: Global Ship Port Lojistik Hizmetleri, Turkiye

01 Sep SFN Members Enjoy Consistent Business

01 Sep Choose SFN: Join Us and Meet Our Members in Dubai


21 Aug SFN Member in Spain Awarded ISO Certification

17 Aug SFN Member in Pakistan Announces New Partnership

09 Aug SFN Member in Thailand Celebrates 16th Anniversary

09 Aug SFN Member in China Hold Teamworking Events

01 Aug SFN Members Show Enthusiasm For Business Exchange

01 Aug SFN Members Urge Other Forwarders to Join the SFN Family

JULY 2023

24 Jul SFN Member in China Celebrates 10 Years with SFN

17 Jul SFN Members Bond and Do Business At Annual Meeting

10 Jul SFN Member in Japan Receives Letter of Appreciation from WWF

01 Jul SFN Members Enjoy Mutual Business Prospects

JUNE 2023

28 Jun SFN Members Gather Again for 8th Annual Meeting in Costa Rica

09 Jun SFN Member in Panama Awarded Fair and Preventive Logistics Certification

03 Jun SFN Member in Pakistan Completes Breakbulk Shipment

02 Jun SFN Members Enjoy Consistent Exchange of Business

MAY 2023

23 May SFN Members Enjoy Zoom Social

16 May SFN Member in Singapore Secures Full Charter for Barge Shipment

01 May SFN Members Invite Forwarders to Join our Network

01 May SFN Members Continue to Cooperate on Wide Variety of Cargo

APRIL 2023

25 Apr SFN April Zoom Social Connects Members

24 Apr SFN Member in Canada Celebrates 23rd Anniversary
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