SFN Member in the UK Transports High End Cars

Uneek Forwarding in the UK successfully shipped high end cars from Kuwait and back.

Sultan Sadiq, General Manager, told us: "When transporting valuable goods around the world, you want to know it will be managed by someone with the right knowledge, expertise and experience. You want to be confident that it will be done efficiently, reliably and professionally.

The cars were shipped from Kuwait on temporary import. Export back to Kuwait after the clients' holiday ended. The cars were:

1 x Porsche GT2
1 x KTM
1 x Lamborghini Saloon
1 x Lamborghini Avanrador
1 x Nissan GTR
1 x Rolls Royce

With such high end cars and high profile importers, it is imperative all is handled with utmost care. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, ensuring we offer our very best at all times."

Read more on Uneek's website here.

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