SFN Member Consulted On Chemical Supply Chain Solutions

SFN Member Rinchem Co. Inc, USA, was recently consulted regarding crucial safe storage of hazardous chemicals.

After the explosion in August 2015 at a Chinese chemical plant that left 150 dead, a delegation from that country flew to southern California to consult with an Albuquerque-based firm about safe storage of hazardous chemicals.

Rinchem Co. Inc., in business for about four decades, has developed an expertise in both storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals and gases.

Chris Wright, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rinchem, said: “They were trying to figure out how the best in the world is doing it. The very existence of something like that happening is why Rinchem is in business... Our mission is to create the safest chemical supply chains in the world.”

Read the full article in The Albuquerque Journal here and visit Rinchem's website here.

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