SFN Member in USA Continues To Develop Within SFN

SFN Members Worldwide Logistic Partners in the USA have had some great new developments so far this year.

Tim Taylor, Director, told us: "We are busy every day with new and exciting challenges. We strive to never say no, this sometimes can get you into trouble! But being an entrepreneurial company with aggressive personnel and open minds we strive to achieve the impossible.

Since our last SFN meeting there have been some exciting new developments with regards to the Worldwide Logistic Partners family, we have opened a new office location in Milwaukee, WI. This location was opened because of a major BEER account that we successfully landed in June 2015.

This new office currently has one employee and they are responsible for the forwarding activities of a major American brand of Beer that we are exporting to many countries of the world, in addition we are shipping air freight samples around the world and using many SFN members to handle the DDP orders, Poland and Switzerland to name a few. This business should be increasing over the next few years and will be more business for the entire group.

Worldwide Logistic Partners warehouse operations at O’Hare airport in Chicago is growing and we have staffed the warehouse with air freight personnel, in addition we have received TSA security status for the warehouse and now are consolidating all business in our warehouse facility. This will allow us to now reduce costs and have complete control over all air freight business moving into and out of Chicago.

Worldwide Logistic Partners continues to route freight through the partners in SFN and enjoys the great service provided by each and every family member."

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