SFN Member in The Netherlands Moves to Improved Office Space

Lift Freight Services (LFS) has moved to a new office and warehouse location.

Maarten Bolten, Sales Manager, told us more: "The new office location is not only bigger (1.5 times compared to our old offices) but the new offices have been designed and rebuilt to modern specs and with the latest innovations on lighting and temperature control. Movement sensors controlling daylight mimicking led light fixtures, fresh air circulation systems rather than old-fashioned AC systems and glass partitioning walls rather than drywall. With contemporary color schemes and state of the art decorations, LFS is well set for the years to come.


The new warehouse location boasts over double the floor size and even triple the capacity compared with our previous location and is compliant with the latest security and customs standards. AEO full regulations apply and with our own staff, warehouse equipment and racking, WMS and customs procedures, we can service our clients even better than we did in the past. The warehouse is open 24/7/365, giving the flexibility we need in our demanding business and clientele group.

Another key benefit of the new warehouse is that we now have full options to pre-build airline ULD’s and to load and unload them in the best way possible. There are plenty of loading docks, allowing container stuffing or de-stuffing to happen simultaneously with handling combined airfreight trucks or accepting courier shipments. Good examples are the ships crane we handled to JFK by air, the 176 tons of airfreight export to Ho Chi Minh, the 7 ton airfreight import piece from Doha and the flat rack and 20 ft open top shipments to China.

View photos of these projects here.

The new location will allow Lift Freight to accommodate and continue the growth seen over the past years and underlines the commitment of our management to keep investing in our service and quality levels, to keep being able to make life hard for the ‘big boys’.

If our members are in the region or close by, they are more than welcome to come and meet the team and see our new set-up."

Congratulations to LFS on this successful move to a superior office and warehouse space. Visit their website here:

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