SFN Member in Canada Shares Latest Traffic

SFN Members AT&L Canada recently shared some of their latest traffic.

Marie-Christine told us, "Being a freight forwarder is not only moving freight from point A to B but rather become an extension of our clientele supply chain... Thinking out of the box! As you know AT&L Canada works closely with their customers and our target is always mutual growth. This minding is a major part of our company motto.

One of our customers was moving truck loads from the USA to Mexico on their own and the yield per ton was extremely low. Also due their products (whey powder), the logistics cost it’s very important for them in order to still competitive in the market. They required us to assist them on this.

In our creative process we came up with a road / boxcar option which represented a substantial savings for our customer.

Hence we managed to reduce their monthly tonnage on road as follows.

We reduced 53 Truck loads to 13 boxcars , this represent 21% of saving on their logistics cost!

Above you will find picture of the loading of our first railcar for them."

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