SFN Member in Malaysia Shares Latest Successes

H & Friends in Malaysia recently shared some of their shipments and company news.

Jason Lee, Managing Director, told us more:

"We are happy to share some of our recent company news. You can click on the links below to view photos:

1. H & Friends GTL KUL & PEN office successfully moved 28 tons (76 Pallets of Food Stuff) and 11 tons (10 Crates of Machinery) to Inchon Int’l Airport in S. Korea, using both 3 Freighter and 1 Passenger Flight in end of March. Click here for photos.

2. H & Friends GTL company logo changed and our PEN office moved to a new office space. Click here for photos.

3. H & Friends GTL newly started House relocation SVC and W.Housing. Click here for photos.


4. Besides normal shipments, H & Friends GTL is capable of handling and looking for special shipments, such as OOG shipments or project cargo.

In 2015, H & Friends GTL carried Total 2,883 TEU to all over the world (outbound) and handled 1,889 Teu from all over the world (inbound).

We hope to keep moving forward and continue to work with our fellow SFN Members."

Please visit H & Friends website here:


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