SFN Members in USA Share Latest Shipments With Members

Mill Wright shared some of their most recent shipments within the network. Greg Weber, Director of Special Projects, gave us some more details:

"We have ongoing relationships with our fellow SFN members.

> We moved some containers of Coco 5 coconut water from Wisconsin for Focus Forwarding UK.

> We also handled a project for Crown Logistics in Iraq of 5 x 40' Shipper Owned Containers of very large specialized tents. We arranged the purchase of 5 x cargo worthy containers, coordinated them to be dropped to the shipper's location in Nevada and ship through Los Angeles into Um Qasr, Iraq. Each tent was so big it took its own 40' container and were equipped with bunk beds, as well. The supplier's Facebook Page shows a variety of interesting tents they produce.


> Here is a link to a few photos I snapped of the 1965 Cobra replica we received today.

This is about the 3rd or 4th one of these we are shipping. We have had a couple go to Kuwait and this one is headed to UAE. These units are imported as chassis/shells from South Africa, and the engines and final modifications/fabrication is done in CT at Vintage Motorsports. These have about 850 horsepower and carry a price tag of about $100,000 brand new. This one was used and turned in with about 100 miles on it because the original buyer could not handle all the power it packs.

We specialize in exporting of vehicles. We have a network of truckers that arrange picking up cars throughout the country. We have our own warehouse in Linden, NJ that specializes in auto export loading that can load as many as 5 vehicles into a 40'HC container. We also have third-party auto loading facilities near most major US ports including Savannah, Houston, Los Angeles, and Seattle. We also handle car cutting/dismantling for many of our customers in West Africa and the Middle East so they can service the ever growing auto parts markets in their countries.”

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