SFN Members Endorse Specialist Freight Networks

At a recent member meeting, SFN Members were happy to share their views regarding Specialist Freight Networks membership. As a result, SFN has issued a visual, dynamic representation of some of the benefits of network membership.

Some of the members featured said amongst other things: “Because your small company becomes a global agent, improving your company’s profile. To be introduced to friendly, strong, financially stable, proactive and fast responding partners. To generate and expand business.”


For a small annual fee, being able to reap all those benefits and more is a win-win situation.

SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan states: 

"Personal endorsements add weight to any international brand. It is all well and good for me to point out SFN's strengths. For example, that SFN is ISO 9001 accredited, clearly run at a high international standard, that our network continues to grow after 4 years of existence, that our member renewal rate is high year on year, our members must therefore be happy etc...but it is better if my members can share their reasons for belonging to SFN. It's a simple fact that positive member reviews add credibility to any efforts that my team and I could be making to encourage forwarders to join us."

Having watched the video, might you consider joining SFN and featuring in next year's video? You would be introduced to the friendly, strong, financially stable, proactive and fast responding partners that the members are describing. Join us.

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