Business is Obtained and Reciprocated at SFN

Specialist Freight Networks is always delighted to learn when members are working together. It's the crux of its existence after all.

David Ma from Ocean Bright Logistics in China, met Minh from Blue Express in Vietnam at SFN's last member meeting. Within just one year, the business discussed in Beijing has flourished, to the point where they are exchanging 4-5 shipments per week.

Watch their video to learn more:

This is due to professionalism, good rates and great service. As well as finding a partner to work with, David is receiving reciprocal business.

SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan says:

"My ultimate goal is to ensure that all of my members are gaining from their SFN Membership. Whether that's by having partners worldwide to send their clients' business to, or serving fellow members' customers' needs, it's all important. Hearing such experiences as David's and Minh's is wonderful. It's what we're here for and what we intend to continue to develop for all of our members."

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