SFN Member in Bulgaria Completes High Valued Shipment

Bright Lines Cargo, strong SFN Member in Bulgaria, shared some of their recent shipment news.

Tanya Gerova, General Manager, told us more: "Herewith I am sending some information related to the transport of one of the most advanced printing machines for banknotes in the world.

After its shipping and production’s installation have been completed there had been a cocktail party with representatives of Deutsche bank, Japanese producer, French, German embassies, etc.

We're delighted to share the news of this challenging shipment with the network."

A. Case study – Combine transport SEA/ROAD – FCL/FR

Sector: Government & high valued shipment
Region: Japan, West EU port - BG

Some logistical key points:
102 tons high valuable cargo, Press printing machine for banknotes
Shipment consists of 34 heavy & out gauge cases


Transport consulting
To choose an optimal routing taking into consideration weight & size of the shipment
To ensure a stemless movement of all cases during the sea freight leg & port storage and further on carriage to BG with special platforms & standard trucks
To prepare a tight schedule for unloading at BG factory site, with completion dependent on punctual delivery of cranes and subsequent order of each case

Solution & scope of services:

Set up of entire technical process in coordination with all parties involved
Sea transportation to EU port in flat racks and standard containers,
Port handling operations with barges
Temporary storage at port
Road freight transportation to BG with special platforms and own truck fleet
Real time tracking and tracing
Customs coordination of all trucks under T1
Discharging & handling of all cases with mobile cranes
Final delivery to consignee on special truck platforms following subsequent order required by the customer
Import customs clearance
Cargo insurance

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