SFN Member in Bulgaria Handles Dangerous Goods Shipment

SFN Member in Bulgaria, Bright Lines Cargo, shared a recent challenging shipment:

Tanya Gerova, General Manager, gave some details: "Further to our other recent case study, we're pleased to share another of our latest shipments.

This particular job required excellent knowledge and professional handling. It's our pleasure to share this update with our fellow SFN members."

B. Case study – AIR CARGO CHARTERS – Military

Sector: Government & Defense industry
Commodity: Military production, Dangerous Goods/DG 
Region: Middle East


To find a reliable carrier to handle these highly restricted commodities 
To maintain the highest possible security measurements during the whole process


To maintain a stemless transportation from factory site up to destination airport we provided:

Special licensed trucks which could carry DG 1.1F, 1.2D,1.2C within the country
Physical escorts for each truck during inland haulage
A supervision of all pallets during the process of its cargo build up, labeling and handling

Expertise used:

Dangerous Goods fast knowledge
Overflight permits obtaining through Diplomatic channels and other government institutions
Security expertize

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