SFN Member in China Completes Shipments for UASC, CMA and COSCO

SFN Member in China, Ningbo Green International Trans, shared their views on the latest developments in freight forwarding, and how those in the industry are adapting to change.

Ivy Fang at Ningbo Green said: "Our company recently completed some shipments for UASC, CMA, COSCO, etc. We have strong experience in the area of ocean shipping, air-express and land-carriage and also at bonded area, storage, applying to customs, insurance and LCL forwarding.


Regarding the logistics industry as a whole, there are big changes. For a period of year, the business of shipping companies in the world have been dismal. International freight forwarding industry is going to adjust over the next few years. This is related to the recent downward pressure on the international economy, but also the results of the transformation of the global economy.

Shipping companies closed down one after another, and shipping companies have a great deficit. CMA absorbed APL, KLINE, MOL and NYK are recombined, COSCO amalgamated with CSCL, HANJIN was bankrupt and CMA started a further round of mass lay-offs.


This dilemma forced things to change and the crisis gestates a new round of technological revolution. New continual external challenges are forcing the shipping companies to cultivate new competitive advantage, and try to create a new survival and development capabilities. Therefore, the new adjustment, the new competition format and the new commercial pattern appeared. The booming Internet industry as well as the business model of Internet which is most popular has become the biggest highlight of China's economic reform and development in the past 10 years. And over the next few years, it also as the most significant model in logistics industry. Our company will use this model in the future work and in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

We enjoy sharing our views with our fellow SFN Members, as to how things will develop moving forward."

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