SFN Members in The Netherlands and Germany Collaborate

Our valued SFN members CS4 Logistics (Hamburg, Germany) and Lift Freight Services (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) recently worked together on an air export shipment from Amsterdam to Shanghai.

Maarten Bolten, Sales Manager at Lift Freight, told us more: "To underline the importance of mutual cooperation and thinking outside the usual paths that lead to handling and being awarded shipments, we would like to share the below story with you.

Lift Freight Services and CS4 Logistics joined forces on moving a large air export shipment from Amsterdam to Shanghai, China. The rate Lift Freight Services was able to provide to CS4, proved to be sharper than what could be obtained in Germany. CS4 trucked the 13 ton shipment to Amsterdam where LFS staff took over and took care of security screening, tendering to the airline and the proper documentation and labelling of the shipment.

Generally, LFS sees these kinds of shipments more and more. Over 50% of the air export volume LFS moves, comes from other countries than The Netherlands. Surrounding EU countries are facing higher screening and trucking costs in many cases and this – combined with sharp air export rates from Amsterdam – once again proves that Amsterdam is a highly interesting and important airfreight hub in Europe.

For Asian agents, LFS moves large quantities of airfreight on transshipment bases to South America. Due to easy and 100% automated customs processes, 24/7 availability of resources and subcontractors, this is another interesting feature of Amsterdam as a hub.

For fellow SFN members, these kinds of cooperations once again underlines that working together with network partners is the way forward and will create a unique and strong foundation where beating the established multinationals is now a realistic goal, especially with the creativity, speed and flexibility that only independent freight forwarders like CS4 and Lift Freight Services can offer."

SFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan said, "SFN Head Office is delighted as always to hear of another success story within the network. Only high quality forwarders are accepted into SFN and, as a result, the business they develop together is top notch. Providing a platform for independent freight forwarders to meet and realise their goals, is our number one aim."

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