SFN Member in Germany Completes Project Shipment to USA

SFN Members 8Motions Solutions in Germany recently completed an impressive project shipment.

Johannes Schils, Airfreight Manager at 8motions, told us more:

"In December 2016 we handled a big Project Cargo to a constructions site in USA.


Crate: 9200,0 kgs
Dims 1479 x 300 x 217cm
Commodity: Arched Glass-Panel

The crate was picked up with a special truck in Southern Germany and arrived in Luxembourg. There was a special handling by Cargolux offload by 2 Truck-cranes and with special length x-loader on the aircraft.

As you can see from the photos, the crate was in absolutely minimum for the noseload of a B747F.

Please visit the 8motions website to read more about our services:"

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