SFN Member in Italy Included in Safmarine Passport Initiative

Logimar, SFN Member in Italy, has been included in the Passport initiative of Safmarine.

Marcello Saponaro, CEO, told us more: "With Logimar you get a Priority ticket for free!

Only 10 Freight Forwarders enjoy the same benefit of Safmarine. Only 10 Freight Forwarders in Italy, have been awarded with the same privilege. 

Passport is a new initiative just launched in the World by Safmarine to make easier and pro active the customer experience. The few Freight Forwarders included in the programme can join a special communication channel with the Shipping Line, ensuring the priority for bookings, haulages, boardings and, last but not least, a dedicated team:  4 people in Italy available fot the needs of  the Passport Freight Forwarders and one dedicated team in every Country of the World called by their vessels.

That alone would be sufficient to make Logimar so proud! And there are even more advantages: in fact every shipment booked through Logimar is a "Passport shipment" and our agent is "Passport" as Logimar! 

Now, we have priority bookings / availability of space/equipments and for haulages with Safmarine. We have a strong traffic with them to Middle East / Persian Gulf, Africa and South America.
We are really happy to be able to offer a first class service to our customers and partners."
Please visit the Logimar website for more information:

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