SFN Member in Canada Completes Complex Project

Colbeck & Clarke Inc., SFN Member in Canada, recently completed a multiple stage project. 

Caryn Goodman, Vice President, told us more:

"Colbeck & Clarke Inc. was recently faced with the challenge of transporting an offshore winch and its components by sea (combination of BB and containerized cargo) from Canada to China.

The project was complex due to the size and weight of the cargo and consisted of 13 out-of-gauge  pieces and 21 containers loading at two separate locations. The largest piece, the main drum assembly weighed in at 74 MT and was more than 168” in diameter. This posed a significant challenge as police escorts were required and permits needed to be obtained from several provincial and municipal authorities on very short notice.

 The principal challenge with the project was removing the large 74 MT reels from the shippers facility and skating them on 18 axle flatbed trailers to the staging point.  Once at the staging point two (2) mobile cranes (1x300ton and 1x130ton) needed to flip the reels onto their sides for transport to the port of Hamilton. 

The entire process took 2 months to coordinate and was carried out by our team of dedicated project/BB specialists who always welcome new challenges."

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