SFN Member in Brazil Shares Ecological Tree Planting Scheme

DC Logistics, SFN Members in Brazil, recently shared their excellent tree-planting scheme, Plantio DC. Their website states:

"Since 2010, DC Logistics Brasil has been doing DC Planting, an ecological action that aims to plant a tree for each load closed during the whole month of June.

This action has already resulted in 20,316 trees."

Claudio Potter, Inside Sales at DC Logistics, said: "We are proud to work in a company where environmental responsibility is already part of our strategic planning. With this we attract suppliers and customers where they have the same values and automatically and reciprocally we relate to companies that have the same principles. Surely Plantio is a positive attitude of DC showing that we are not only in the comfort zone, sharing and enjoying actions, but, realizing projects that stimulate the interest of the population and new entrepreneurs with respect to the preservation of the environment."

Click here to learn more, and click on the image below to watch the YouTube video:

SFN Operations Manager Jess Baker said: "We are delighted to learn more about DC Logistics' excellent initiative. This calibre of company, and the dedication to 'giving something back' sets them apart from the average company. It's truly great to see."

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