SFN Members Cooperate for UN Projects

TFW in Spain has recently worked in alliance with fellow member Logimar in Italy, to move 3 power units, as part of the UNGM strategic missions.

Oriol Poch, CEO of TFW, said: "We are very happy to share this important TFW Project with our partners of the SFN Network, and are glad to be working together.


This was an important Cargo Project led by the United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC). These shipments involve the departures from China (Shenzhen) with final destination to Brindisi, Italy, where the cargoes will be offloaded and delivered to United Nations Operation Base.

Please see some photos below:

UN cargo in departure from China

UN cargo in departure from China

Preparing departure in the best shipping and security conditions from Shenzhen - China

We hope in the future we will continue working together with SFN Agents for our TFW Projects related to United Nations."

Please visit the TFW website here.


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