Special Shipments By SFN Member in Malaysia

H & Friends in Malaysia shared details on their special shipments in October, including a shipment done with a fellow SFN member.

Jason Lee told us more:

"Please find here some details on our latest shipments in October. Our team used their professional knowledge and skill to handle all shipments expertly.

1. Co- Working with Mr. Danny of Advancelog Limited, Hong Kong (SFN Member)

Commodity: Super Heat Tube, 2 Wooden Crates, 1.7 tons 
Shipped from: Kuala Lumper Int’l Airport / Malaysia 
Shipped to: Guatemala City / Guatemala 
Timeframes: 30 September - 2nd October
Challenges: Final Destination is Guatemala but due to long length (2.85m) only Few carrier was able to accept & need to find cost value carrier.
Solutions: Co Working with Advancelog Limited (Mr. Danny) ship to Miami (USA) & Mr. Danny Re-forwarded from Miami to Guatemala city.
Expertise/services/facilities used: Co working with Overseas SFN Partner

2. Carnet shipment held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 

Commodity: High Speed Train Simulator, 4 Wooden Crates, 1.9 Ton
Shipped from: Inchon Int’l Airport  / S.Korea
Shipped to: Kuala Lumpur Int’l Airport / Malaysia 
Timeframes: 21 - 23 October
Challenges: High Value cargo, Need to handle in Extra care
Expertise/services/facilities used: Ship on Freighter

You can see images here of the shipment and the Prime Minister's visit to the venue.

It was a pleasure to work on such specialised activities and we aim to continue our excellent performance."

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