SFN Member in Malaysia Moves Heavy and Sensitive Cargo

H & Friends in Malaysia shared details on their special shipments in October.

Jason Lee told us more:

"At H & Friends, the best distribution experts provide a differentiated TOTAL distribution service in order to create SCM value creation based on logistics, forwarding, customs, packing and SCM, IT conventions technology and know-how in domestic business area.

We recently moved some Heavy & Sensitive Cargo. Please find details below."


Commodity: Auto Mold, 2 Wooden Crates, 5 tons 
Shipped from: Kuala Lumper Int’l Airport / Malaysia 
Shipped to: Inchon Int’l Airport  / S.Korea
Timeframes: 28th October
Challenges: High Value cargo, Need to handle in Extra care / 
Expertise/services/facilities used: Pick up using special truck, ship on Freighter

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