SFN Member in Uruguay Share Live Animal Shipments

SFN Member Newport Freight Forwarder in Uruguay shared some of their recent specialised shipments.

Their website states: "Newport is a Uruguayan company located in Montevideo, with a noticeable presence in the market and vast knowledge of international freight transport, with a wide command of the world's commercial outlook. This determines the hegemony of our organization, which allows for optimizing import and export activities, airborne or maritime, for and from the national and international market."

Ingrid Horvath, Import Division, told us:

"We want to share a shipment from Montevideo to Bogotá, Colombia, of live animals. In this case we fly with Tampa Airlines 11 lambs with pedigree for reproductive purposes in order to improve the breed at destination.

Please see some photos of the operative at the cargo terminal of the airport in Montevideo:

And here you will the Newport Team for that shipment. From left to right: Ingrid Horvath, Daniel Gutierrez (Manager) and Laura Umpierrez.

We also had a shipment of live horses to FRA with Lufthansa. Please see some photos:

At Newport, we search for the means of transport that is most suitable for the customers' needs, but also in the offer of the best quotes, larger variety of destinations, safety, reliability and quality of the service provided. As you can see, we are strong in the transportation of live animals - also pharma, meat and leather for upholstery."


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