SFN Members Urge Top Forwarders to Join the Family

SFN members are always keen to endorse our network as a great choice for forwarders. When the members recently gathered in Bali, Indonesia for the 6th Annual SFN Member Meeting, Kelly took the opportunity to capture the family feel and uplifting energy on camera. Click on the image below to hear from our members:

SFN Managing Director Kelly states: "Naturally, I believe in SFN completely. However, as I say in the video, what's great is that our members themselves are happy to confirm this. I am delighted that our members are so vocal in their praise and so encouraging to new members who join our SFN Family. Join us, and see for yourself why our members recommend us as one of the best networks out there."

Why not join us, and attend next year's event? Please complete the SFN Application Form.


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