SFN Member in Kuwait Launches New Logo

International Shipping Agency Co., SFN Member in Kuwait, has recently has launched a brand new logo.

Gopa Kumar, General Manager at International Shipping Agency, told us:

"The concept of the Logo is to highlight that we are a major shipping agent and the picture resembles the aerial view of a ship’s forward area. As the ship is moving forward, the business with our partners is also in that direction.

We are very pleased to share this with our fellow network members and would like to also share some photos from our new logo launch party."

Their website states:

"International Shipping Agency Co. Ltd (ISA) was established in 1993 aiming at providing shipping agency services of Break-bulk, Bulk, Containerized and Ro/Ro cargo services. Since then the company has shown steady growth in business and has gained considerable experience and knowledge in the industry as well as in the country. ISA represents some of the world’s top shipping lines is now equipped to provide most of the service in shipping/logistics and generally accepted by the industry as a professional company able to offer quality services to our valued customers.

Our Mission: Committed to provide quality services to our valued Principals/customers. Listen to customers' needs and meet the high aspiration with profitability."


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