SFN Member in Singapore Performs Breakbulk Shipment

Simon Ng at Interfreight Linc Logistics Singapore recently told us more about their latest Breakbulk Shipment, performed during June 2019:

"I just wanted to share with the network that I had loaded below cargo on 21 June from Singapore to Vungtau PTSC Offshore Terminal.

Cgos: 1 set of compressor and gas turbines + access
Volume: 97 pkgs / 326,639.70kgs / 1517 cbm

I had full chartered a small conventional vessel just to cater for these cargoes and we completed the loading operation within 18 hours upon vessel. Alongside without long resting time (only meal breaks of 45 mins x 2 breaks).

There ae 4 x heavylift at 48,000kgs / 43,717kgs / 40,400kgs / 50,800kgs.

Please see the photos for an overview.

Jess Baker, SFN Operations Manager, said, "This is a great example of how professional and competent our members are. Even challenging shipments are handled with ease, and we enjoy reading more about our members' accomplishments throughout the year."

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