SFN Members in Spain Enjoy Visit From SFN Members in USA

Mill Wright, SFN agent in the USA, recently visited World Ocean Cargo (WOC), SFN Members in Spain.

Helia Rocha, from WOC's sales department, told us more: "Nick Torna from Mill Wright, our SFN agent, recently visited us in our Barcelona office. We have been working together for a while. Mill Wright handle shipments from Spain to the US, coordinating deliveries from New York to the final destination.

Apart from our SFN annual meetings, it is good also to keep the contact with agents of Specialist Freight Networks throughout the year, to make relationships stronger.

Above, there is a picture taken of us in our office. From right to left: Mr. Carlos, General Manager of the company; Mr. Juanjo from our Accounting Department; Mr. Nick Torna from Mill Wright and Ms. Helia (myself) from the Sales Department.

Thanks again for the visit, Nick, it was a pleasure to have you in our city and office!"

Jess Baker, SFN Group Operations Manager, said: "Helia is right in saying that relationships within a network are so important. Attending the annual member meetings gives an excellent opportunity for our members to meet in person, which is why our events are so popular. And arranging other contact in the year definitely further strengthens relationships. We are really delighted to see our members connecting and meeting in person, particularly when they've enjoyed such fruitful working relationships together after meeting within SFN."

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