SFN Member In Turkey Completes 2 Project Shipments in 1 Week

SFN members in Turkey, Origin Logistics, recently shared their latest project shipment.

Metin Elmas, Operation Manager at Mersin, told us more: "Origin Logistics' Konya team has completed two Project shipments in a week.

The first Shipment was loaded in Konya city and shipped to Alger, Algeria via Mersin port.
A Clinker with below dimensions, successfully loaded onto a flat rack container at the factory and headed to Mersin port via special low bed.

Length: 5,75 mt
Width: 4,25 mt
Height: 4,40 mt
Weight: 33.000 kgs

The Konya team charted slot, from a break bulk vessel for the second shipment: Twelve silobus with following dimensions were smoothly loaded on board:

Length: 11,5 mt
Width: 2,55 mt
Height: 4.10 mt
Lashing, securing & dunnaging, and the crane, was handled by our experienced team and suppliers. Also, our branch manager supervised the entire operation in the field for both shipments.

We are delighted as always to share this with our SFN partners."

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