SFN Members in France and Malaysia Develop New Business Together

Two of our SFN members, TMT - Transport Maritime & Transit, France and MattRoy Logistics in Malaysia met one another through the network and have started their cooperation.

Matthieu Talbot at TMT and CY Lim at MattRoy recently met one another (virtually) at the SFN Online Meeting in March.

You can see a screenshot of their 1-to-1 meeting below:

Matthieu gave this great feedback regarding their meeting: "I'm pleased to say that we just start new west bond business and our cooperation help TMT to secure Mattroy business with a French Importer for a UK Trader. We'll share more information as things progress!"

SFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan said:

"As we couldn't meet in person this year or last year, the Online Meeting was the only way for our members to have dedicated one-to-one face time together. Those who embraced this new way of meeting definitely saw the benefits and I'm so pleased to read about this success between TMT and Mattroy that came about as a result. Our members' success is our priority and we will continue to facilitate business between them by providing the best platform and best service to everyone in the SFN Family."

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To read more about TMT and Mattroy, visit their websites here:

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