SFN Member in Panama Dismantles Thermoelectric Plant

UPCARGO LOGISTICS, SFN member in Panama, recently completed an extensive project cargo shipment.

Lorena Martinez, Business Development & Project Department, told us more: "In these past days we were working hard on a new project. It consisted of dismantling a thermoelectric plant in Colon, province of Panama. 

It was hard work but finally we feel satisfied. Every day that passes we can affirm that working in this team is the best we have ever had. I'm pleased to tell you more about the project and share some photos.


A multinational energy company established in Panama, city of Colon, installs its facilities in 2015, 6 
years later made the decision to withdraw its bases, for which it was necessary to hire a responsible 
company that would be in charge of dismantling the thermoelectric plant so that later their parts 
were shipped back to Honduras.

This great opportunity was offered to UPCARGO. We took action to give our best in this new 
objective. The projections for the participation of this great project began in mid-2021. And it was 
finally developed in May 2022.

UPCARGO was in charge of the mobilization of 40 units, including 19 motors of 50-TON, 
transformers, cells, CO2 rooms, among other parts of the thermoelectric plant.

Our work consisted of route inspection, study of route diagrams, heavy lifting of cargo studies, prior 
coordination, preventive logistics.

The steps for this operation to be carried out were as follows:

1. Customs clearance and procedures
2. Crane service to dismantling the thermoelectric plant
3. Logistics mobilization of the engines, transformers, cells, CO2 rooms to the depot
4. Warehousing in intermediate depots.
5. Mobilization parts of the plants to the port in special equipment.

The development of this operation was approximately ended in 25 days, with our staff in the field 
in which our team gave their effort day after day so that the operation could be carried out without 
incidents, always complying with the quality standard of our services and for the client.
We are delighted to share this with our network partners!"
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