SFN Member in Panama Handles Large Project Shipment

UPCARGO Logistics, SFN Members in Panama, have been selected to complete transport for a large project of engines, transformers, and CO2 cells.

Lorena Martínez, Business Developer for Project Department at UPCARGO, gave us more details:

"Following the last project that we worked on, dismantling the Thermoelectric, the company decided to consign us the export of the engines, transformers, and the CO2 cells.

This was a good opportunity to develop other projects areas in UPCARGO but also a challenge. However, UPCARGO trusts its experiences and its collaborators so it was always sure that, regardless of the magnitude of the project, together we could pull it off.

The Project started with finding the best way to transport the 39 pieces that we already have dismantled. We were looking for a barge to put the 39 pieces on that. After contacting many options, we found the perfect one to develop this project. Then we must rent an 800 ton crane service to load the barge. Also, we must rent 39 trucks and coordinate the logistics to transport piece by piece while the crane was loading the pieces in the barge as programmed.

Our work consisted of route inspection, study of route diagrams, heavy lifting of cargo studies, prior 
coordination, preventive logistics.
The steps for this operation to be carried out were as follows:

1. Customs clearance and procedures
2. Barge Service
3. Coordination with the barge 
4. Crane service to load the cargo into the barge
5. Logistics mobilization of the engines, transformers, cells, CO2 rooms from the depot to the 
6. Coordination with the two warehouses where the equipment was stored
7. Mobilization parts of the cargo to the port
8. Barge loading 
9. Coordination with the welder service
10. Coordination with Surveyors

After finishing the arduous labor of loading, we must work with a welder to ensure the lashing of the cargo and rent the service of the surveyor to have the certification of lashing.

It took 32 continuous hours of work to develop this project, with our team always maintaining the 
Logistics Prevention, without any incidents or accidents. We can say with UPCARGO Logistics you 
will have your cargo safe!"
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