2022 FIATA World Congress in Panama

Upcargo Inc, SFN members in Panama, last week attended the 2019 FIATA World Congress, which was held in South Africa. They had a special announcement to make at the event.

Mitzila Sánchez, Department Supervisor of Upcargo, said, "On October 5th, at the FIATA World Congress held in Cape Town (South Africa), Rolando Alvarez of Upcargo announced that Panama was chosen as the venue for the 2022 FIATA World Congress.

This is a global event that, every year, brings together companies from the freight and transportation industries around the world. The congress is expected to generate an important economic injection, due to the tourist movement, as well as a boost to the transportation and logistics industry for Latin America. We are very happy for this."

Jess Baker, Group Operations Manager, said: "We are delighted to read this news from Upcargo - such prestigious events indeed not only bring tourists to the region but provide a wonderful platform for the freight forwarding industry. We look forward to hearing about the 2022 event in Panama!"

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