Jo Confirms SFN Is 'Absolutely Fantastic'

Jo from Energy Freight UK attended her first SFN meeting this year, although her company has been attending the events since they joined over 4 years ago. Jo showed how impressed she was, saying: "It's absolutely fantastic... professionally-run, with a family atmosphere. We do a lot of reciprocal work with many of the delegates here." Please click on the image below to watch:

SFN Group Operations Manager Jess Baker states: "Such feedback is really wonderful to hear, especially in person at our events. Jo's choice of words, saying that meeting face to face 'cements the bond' between members is very astute. The events are essential to build trust and develop the possibilities for business within a network and the whole Head Office team pride ourselves on the quality and organisation of the annual meetings. We are so happy to see our members continuing to flourish with SFN as a result of our efforts, and all their hard work. It's a team effort all round!"

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