Member Interview: Transportations, Japan

SFN Members are highly competent in their field, with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

We regularly invite our members to share their views on the forwarding industry and give us their comments on their own background, current challenges in the industry, ideas for solutions, and thoughts about the future.

We recently interviewed Ray Nakayama at Transportations in Japan:
> How did you start out in Freight Forwarding?

My personal reason was to change jobs, as I worked in another industry before.

I had lived abroad, and I was interested in a job that has contact with overseas, and knew about a job called “freight forwarder”. I also love travelling abroad. I’m in my 6th year now, and it's hard because there are still many things I don't know, but I feel that it's a job with potential."

> Your thoughts on the logistics industry today and how things have changed due to the Pandemic?

"The movement of cargo does not stop, so the role of freight forwarders will become more important in the future. If there is an Internet environment, we can get information anywhere, but even during a Pandemic, it is not possible to do without people working in the field, such as drivers, warehouse workers and port workers. So I feel that cooperation is important for each other."
> What are the main challenges facing independent forwarders?

"Some customers only care about prices, so it becomes a price competition. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire stable shippers and differentiate themselves from other companies in the same industry."
> How relevant is networking in today’s forwarding industry?

"It's one of the most important factors, in order to work with better partners. One of the advantages is that the background of the other party can be grasped to some extent."
> How do you see the future for independent forwarders?

"I think that the social position is different in each country, but I think that it is important to address a customer's point of view. In addition, it is essential to try a lot of new challenges and goals, for further development."

Transportations co., ltd. was established in 2005. Their website states: "We have more than 10 years of good experience for forwarding business. We have skilled staff and one of us has more than 35 years of experience in the logistics field. Having a strong network with first class carriers, trucking, and custom brokers, we cover all over Japan and thus provide tailor made services that meet each customers' detailed needs."

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