SFN Featured in DC Velocity Industry Publication

Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) has been featured in DC Velocity, an industry publication that describes itself as "the market leading multi-media magazine brand serving the specific informational needs of logistics and supply chain managers and executives... (we provide) comprehensive coverage of all aspects of logistics including internal logistics within a distribution center or warehouse, external logistics relating to the transport of goods and freight, the overarching information technologies that support and integrate the two, and the strategies that optimize logistics, thus providing companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

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Jess Baker, Group Operations Manager at Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) said: "We have been talking to our members regularly throughout the year, as usual, but of course this year the focus has been on the Pandemic and its effects on the industry. One thing that has come across loud and clear: networking is essential to success! The fact that our members can rely on their partners, and have worldwide contacts at their fingertips, is keeping them ahead of the competition."

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