SFN Member in China Handles Ship Spares Project Cargo

ZHL Logistics, SFN Member in China, recently handled a project cargo shipment from Qingdao to Singapore.

Lika Gao, Overseas Manager, told us more: "ZHL Logistics is one of China's leading international freight forwarders and consolidators, specialising in multi-modal shipments from/to China. With more than 250 employees, we provide the complete ambit of logistics services.

This project involved desulfurization equipment for ship spares. ZHL is always making an effort towards the environmental protection business!


Sector: Sea
Commodity: Ship spares
Region: Asia
Shipped from: Qindao, China
Shipped to: Singapore
Timeframes: ETD March.12 2020
Challenges: Heavy desulfurization equipment used on ships
Solutions: Split into three flat rack containers and arrange special truck from factory to port
Expertise/services/facilities used: Special truck, heavy crane professional loading staff

SFN Operations Manager, Jess Baker, said: "We are really delighted to see ZHL going from strength to strength. Being able to offer such specialised services shows off how highly proficient they are. We are very happy to see such top standards of competency in our network."

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