SFN Member in China Introduces Import Agency Service

Longwind Logistics, SFN Members in China, recently introduced their new Import Agency Service.

Fernando Wu told us more:

"Founded in 2010, Longwind is growing into a professional logistics provider based in China. We now offer services including maritime transport, air transport, multimodal transport, bonded logistics, supply chain design, customs inspection, supply chain finance, cross-trade handling, FBA service  and other tailor-made logistics service.

Our services are customer oriented, fast and efficient—these are our core values and we believe that is what we live on.

We would like introduce a new service to our fellow members, that we have register a trading company, and we can help overseas client to import products into China, this will facilitate the clients who does not have a import license in China.

1. Products covering (specialized but not limit to): new machines,
second hand machines, cosmetics products, wine, electronics, etc.

2. Route: normal import we can handle for all ports of China, products with no import permit will import from South China, then deliver to the rest parts of the country. Sensitive products that requires certain inspection certificate, we will import from Hongkong and do the necessary inspections in Hongkong.

3. Advantages and benefits: A lot of China importers has no import permit and some products require complicated inspection reports, we could help to make all these became an easy task. And by offering these inspection reports, we can even help client to reduce Tax and Duties, saving in freight is only in hundreds, saving in tax and duties could be in thousands."

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