SFN Member in India Gives Live Interview

Our SFN Member Chaitaly Mehta of EKF Global Logistics, India, was recently interviewed by Red Dot Foundation (Safecity).

Red Dot descibes their Mission as "Red Dot Foundation Global (Safecity) aims to make cities safer by encouraging equal access to public spaces for everyone especially women, through the use of crowdsourced data, community engagement and institutional accountability."

Chaitaly was interviewed by ElsaMarie DSilva, Founder & CEO of Red Dot for Episode 23 of their 'Daily Reflections' series. The Facebook post states: "We will share what we value, how we are coping, what drives our passions and what we are looking forward to once this crisis is behind us." Chaitaly talked about her journey, life, and position as Director of a Global Logistics company.

Click on the image below to watch the interview:

Chaitaly told us: "I was invited to do a live interview with Red Dot Foundation Global (Safecity), which was very valuable and rewarding. I am very pleased to share this with my fellow network members."

SFN Operations Manager, Jess Baker, said: "We are really delighted to see such diversity in the experiences of our members; hearing more about their journeys in the industry is very enlightening. It's great, too, to see our members involved in such altruistic activities, sharing stories and inspiration during these difficult times. Thank you to Chaitaly for sharing this with the network."

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