SFN Member in Indonesia Handles Record Shipment

Irvan Timotius at PT.Port Alliance, SFN members in Indonesia, shared their most recent shipment - an urgent air shipment that is the largest in their company history. Irvan told us more:

"We just want to share our first experience in handling “70 tons” of cargo via AIR. A few days ago, we got a sudden request from our customer to export 2975 roll of fabric, from CGK to HAN.
The G.W are 23.5 kgs per roll, and FYI this is the biggest AIR shipment in our history.

Beforehand, they were planning to ship this cargo by SEA, only because of a few things and urgent concern they finally decided to ship it by AIR.

To cut a long story short, we contacted the airline and luckily the space was still available on the right schedule. In the beginning we thought this shipment will run in partially, because airline routing was CGK-TPE-HAN. However, we are so grateful that Airline could prioritize this shipment from CGK to HAN directly, so we saved time (considering that this shipment was very urgent).

It was a really unforgettable experience for us, remembering capacity of the aircraft max load is 100 tons, and we have loaded it up to 70% :)

We are so thankful to the Airline team (CI), the Warehouse team, and other relevant people who worked hard and supported us to run this shipment very well. Good job! So this is our story today... Thanks for reading :)

Should you have any inquiry in/out Indonesia, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to serve you with our heart <3"

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