SFN Member in Japan Transports Export Cargo by Flexitank

Transportations co., ltd., SFN members in Japan, have shared their latest export cargo shipments.

Ray Nakayama at Transportations co. told us more:

"We have handled some shipments of vegetable oil by flexitank for export cargo from Japan. We have a lot of experience for flexitank transportation, and we offer flexitank and logistics part. There hve been no accidents for flexitank transportation in the past 7 years.


Commodity: Mixed Vegetable Oil
Region: Osaka, Japan
Shipped from: Osaka, Japan
Shipped to: Busan, Korea
Timeframes: 2 hours per container and 5 containers per BL
Challenges: to check the loading time and cargo weight for safe transportation
Solutions: to check the cargo gravity and property and share the allowable level of cargo weight with customer
Expertise/services/facilities used: to check the condition of container with carrier in advance based on our experience of flexitank transportation

We are very pleased to share this news with our fellow members, as well as some photos."

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