SFN Member in Pakistan Expertly Handles Exports

Paklink Shipping, SFN member in Pakistan, recently handled the export of some freezing machinery.

Hajib Raza at Paklink told us more: "We are pleased to announce that the Paklink Shipping export team has successfully handled the export of fish process plant freezing machinery, from Karachi to Ho chi Minh.

We moved the following equipment:

Evaporative condenser
Refrigerating compressors
Heavy duty motors for compressors
Liquid pumps
Inter cooler
Suction pump

We have also handled the export of marine vessel engine parts from Karachi to Jebel Ali this week.

We moved the following equipment:

Fuel valve complete
Starting air control
Exhaust valve driving gear complete
High pressure hydraulics oil pipes

Paklink Shipping advises clients of the best rates, routings, and modes of transporting goods to or from any area in the world. Using the vast resources at our disposal, we find the "right match" of services available so that products are moved by the most timely and cost-effective means.

These two shipments show our prowess in exports and we are delighted to share this news with our fellow SFN members."

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