SFN Member in Panama Shares Dispatch of COVID-19 Testing Kits

SFN Members in Panama, Upcargo, shared a recent shipment of COVID-19 testing kits.

Tania I. Rosales A. told us more: "We want to share with you and all our member colleagues, our participation on a quick-coordination for the one-day reception and dispatch of a Legacy 600 aircraft from the Honduran Air Force, which came to Panama to look for 182,000 COVID-19 testing kits.

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We are pleased to share another successful shipment with the network."

Kelly Bunyan, SFN Managing Director, said: "It is great to see yet another example of our members' excellent service scope. Even under time pressure, Upcargo performed brilliantly. We're so delighted to have them in our top level network."

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