SFN Member in Qatar Moves to New Office

SFN members Solar Line Logistics in Qatar have recently expanded with a new office. Jerson Chavez, Logistics Manager at Solar Line, told us more:

"We know that as forwarders, we must have good facilities to offer our customers. It is therefore our pleasure to announce the opening of our new Doha Office. The new office will have bigger and better facilities to serve our clients in an even better and safer manner. We are adding sales staff on board to expand our operations. We will also have an advantage on location, as we are near to the airport cargo section."

Please see some photos of the Solar Line team in their new office below:

Solar Line describes their company mission/vision statement as: "A commitment to render quality service to our valuable customers as an affirmation of our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our vision is to become a world class leading successful business entity, with diverse commercial interests and core competencies in select sectors by adopting long-term corporate goals and exploring new business opportunities."

Jerson added: "SFN has brought us many benefits and positive effects; partners here are very active and support every member of the network. We would definitely recommend SFN to other forwarders!"

SFN Operations Manager Jess Baker said, "It's great to see our members continuing to flourish and develop. We're delighted to hear about Solar Line's new office and wish the team very well in this new space. We hope they continue to go from strength to strength."

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