SFN Member in Turkey Handles Oversized Shipment to Qatar

Origin Logistics, SFN Member in Turkey, recently handled oversized Tank shipments to Qatar.

Metin Elmas, Operations Manager, told us: "Our colleagues from Ankara has got slot agreement for one single hold of a container vessel and items loaded as breakbulk to the vessel.

Cargo details as below:

Place of Loading: Sincan, Ankara
Port of Loading: Asyaport
Port of Discharge: Hamad
Dims: 322 x 1369 x 325 cm (WLH) 15 ton per tank.

Please see some photos below:

Each unit has loaded to trucks at the factory and delivered to the Asyaport from the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. Our Ankara team followed every stage of loading these oversized products and also the port operations; lashing & securing and placing to the hold via port Cranes.

We are pleased to share another successful shipment with our fellow SFN members."

SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, said: "Origin Logistics have given a great example of their specialised services; it's clear to see that they are highly competent and experienced at what they do, as are all our SFN members. We are always pleased to see another success story, as our network family goes from strength to strength."

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