SFN Member in Turkey Ships Metso Shredders

SFN Members in Turkey, Origin Logistics, shared another of their impressive project shipments.

Metin Elmas, Operation Manager, Mersin, told us more: "Origin Logistics' Project team recently performed loading of Metso Shredders and its components from Izmit, Turkey to Wellington, United Kingdom.

43.430 kgs total cargo was successfully loaded onto flat racks and open top containers and Origin experts controlled every step of the Project.

You may see some visuals below:

Project Details:

POL & POD:Door to Port: Kazan, Ankara via İzmit port to Wellington
Equipment details: 3x40’FR & 6x40’OT
Total weight and pieces:43.430 kg / 87 pieces
Our team surveyed the whole process and was involved at the necessary points during the loading process at the factory.

All lashing, securing activities and port operations well observed and tracked by our operation department and our field staff.

We're very pleased to share this with our fellow SFN Agents."

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