SFN Members Demonstrate Top Notch Service

SFN Members are vetted upon joining the network, to demonstrate that they can provide a high standard of service. Our members can therefore be confident that when they consign business within the network, it will be handled to a high professional standard, no matter what the commodity or region.

Here are some examples of the wide variety of enquiries sent within SFN recently:

> RFID Labelling system from Singapore to Bangladesh
> Medical Equipment from Australia to Pakistan
> Fly Traps from China to Saudi Arabia
> Frozen Cakes from Czech Republic to Saudi Arabia
> Indian ball clay from India to Saudi Arabia
> Caterpillar Mining Truck Trays from Colombia to Australia
> Valves from South Africa to Azerbaijan
> Car Spare Parts from Indonesia to Myanmar
> Human remains from USA to Hungary
> Cling Film from China to Saudi Arabia

Jess Baker, SFN Operations Manager, said: "We are in touch with our members regularly, exchanging calls, emails and WhatsApp messages daily. This close contact is part of our service; we want to ensure each and every member feels valued and supported in making the most of their network membership. It's clear to see that our members are well capable of handling complex shipments with full competence. Their focus and commitment to their service level is truly impressive."

If interested in joining SFN, please complete the SFN Application Form.

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