SFN Members Enjoy Another Great Year of Mutual Business

As we approach the end of 2019, SFN members continue to work well together and help one another in their endeavours.

SFN Group Operations Manager, Jess Baker, said: "We are really proud of how our members invest their time and energy in the network, and in each other, in order to make their membership with us a success. We can see the results that they are getting, as our members enjoy such good business together."

There are too many requests to list, but here are a few examples of some of the recent shipments exchanged:

> Chilled Water Pumps from Italy to Saudi Arabia
> Dried fruit from Uzbekistan to Japan
> Machine Spares from the UK to the Philippines
> Clean Air Equipment from the UK to Oman
> Impeller with shaft from Malaysia to Australia
> Temperature sensitive cargo from China to Russia
> Dry ice from Ireland to South Africa
> Full Flight Simulator from Canada to Panama
> Toothpaste from Italy to Saudi Arabia
> Sanitising equipment from Spain to Russia
> Skin care products from the Netherlands to Saudi Arabia
> Lithium batteries from the UK to Saudi Arabia

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