SFN Members Handle Cargo Expertly

SFN Members are proactive and keen to develop business together. They also have a very high standard of service, so they can be confident in utilising their fellow members to handle their shipments.

Here are some examples of the wide variety of enquiries sent within SFN recently:

> 7 wooden boxes with furniture from Portugal to Jamaica
> Spare parts from Hungary to Singapore
> Audi Refrigeration Material from Turkey to Lebanon
> Carpets from Thailand to Turkey
> Coffee from Nicaragua to Belgium
> 100% whole fruit/vegetable smoothie mixes from Chile to Australia
> Dangerous goods from Italy to Malta
> EZ Port MAX 2i (dock) from USA to Saudi Arabia
> Waterproofing material from South Africa to Swaziland
> Monitoring system from Norway to Malaysia
> Mercedes SUV from Costa Rica to Canada
> Live animals from Barbados to USA
> Boat Ramp from USA to Saudi Arabia

SFN Operations Manager, Jess Baker, said: "Even during such a challenging year, SFN Members are doing well - being professional, top quality and consistent in their service means that the network and its members continue to thrive. It's great to see that goods are starting to move more freely and our members are continuing to weather the storm, with one another's support."

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