SFN Members Pull Together to Face Challenges

SFN Members are standing strong together, supporting one another and working on mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Here are some examples of the wide variety of business that our members are exchanging:

> FX Cruiser from USA to Portugal
> Medical equipment from Canada to USA
> Dispensers from China to South Africa
> Tube laminate foil from Canada to UAE
> Sofa with Mohair Velvet Upholstery, Burl Walnut Wood from Netherlands to USA
> Fertilisers from Italy to Algeria
> Electrical equipment from USA to Saudi Arabia
> Military cargo from USA to Jordan
> Artwork from France to Saudi Arabia
> Printing ink (flammable) from Costa Rica to Taiwan
> Heaters from Italy to Lebanon
> Gum Copal from Indonesia to Bangladesh

SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, said: "The freight forwarding industry is seeing some truly tough times, and our members are showing their strength and resilience in how they've responded. We've seen a lot of good business exchanged and, just as importantly, support and kindness between partners. We will continue to stick together and push through this together."

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