SFN Members Showing Support with Exchange of Business

Even in such difficult times, SFN Members are continually seeking ways to assist one another and searching for mutually beneficial business. Enquiries are exchanged daily within the network, as our members show solidarity and support one another with whatever they can.

Here are some of the more recent enquiries that SFN Head Office has seen go out within SFN:

> Aircraft Spares from UK to Sweden
> Fresh coconuts from Ivory Coast to Netherlands
> Polypropylene ropes from Belgium to Ghana
> Protective Breathing Equipment (for aircraft use) from France to South Africa
> Motorized vehicle from USA to Honduras
> 3D Laser Scanner from Austria to Brazil
> Valve Rotators (Auto Motive Parts) from India to UK
> VRF System from Singapore to Bangladesh
> Furniture from Jamaica to Portugal
> Personal effects from Saudi Arabia to Armenia
> Sofas from UK to Croatia

Kelly Bunyan, SFN Managing Director, said: "In such difficult times, we are so impressed to witness our members showing this level of support to one another, searching for solutions and offering advice. Business opportunities are being explored even if they can't immediately be realised. Our network is working hard and looking to the future."

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